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Televizijos bokštas

Televizijos bokštas

Do you live in or plan to visit Vilnius? Are you looking for ideas on how to get to know and have dinner in the city of Vilnius in an unconventional and fun way? Could there be anything more romantic than a dinner close to the clouds? Vilnius TV Tower - waiting for you! Surprise your loved one with this perfect date idea. Calm your mind, free your dreams and spend a memorable evening with the person you want to be closest to. Let the TV tower, the wonderful panorama of Vilnius and a great dinner - become a unique moment of memories you experienced together! This is a great gift for every couple who wants to spend time together in an exclusive and romantic way!

The legendary Vilnius TV Tower is the tallest building in Lithuania and one of the tallest buildings in Eastern Europe (the total height of the tower is 326.5 m). It offers an impressive panorama - the most fun here is to enjoy the sunset accompanied by the charming lights of the night city. Vilnius TV Tower - it's not just great views and the enchanting Vilnius panorama.

Exceptional architecture

The architectural solutions of the Paukščių takas restaurant of the TV Tower fascinate both the visitors of the Vilnius TV Tower restaurant and architecture connoisseurs. The floor of the restaurant is circular in shape, which turns 360 degrees in 55 minutes and allows you to see the entire panorama of the city of Vilnius. If the weather is clear, the city and its surroundings can be seen from the windows of the restaurant in a radius of 50 km.

Dinner at the TV tower restaurant

Unforgettable taste

An experienced chef works at the Vilnius TV tower restaurant "Paukščių takas". The restaurant's menu is updated every year in June, but the classic dishes that have remained and are very popular with visitors, such as beef steaks or salmon, can be enjoyed whenever you want. Vilniaus TV tower restaurant offers not only soups and main dishes, but also heart- and palate-pleasing desserts that will delight every sweet tooth: chocolate cake, sweet and unsweetened waffles, cherry sorbet, delicious home-made blueberry pie. The menu is mostly dominated by European dishes, so every visitor to the restaurant who is looking for quality, tasty and good food and an exclusive experience in the city of Vilnius will find a choice for himself.

The price of visiting the TV tower

No worries

We offer you to purchase coupons and gift vouchers of various values ​​for the "Paukščiai takas" restaurant located in the TV tower, for which you can purchase selected food and drinks from the restaurant's menu. The price of TV tower gift vouchers starts from €30. The price of the TV Tower Gift Voucher is low enough, so tickets to visit the TV Tower are affordable enough for many people. A gift voucher for a visit to the TV tower in Vilnius is a great investment for an exclusive and full evening of unforgettable experiences. The offer, which is usually for two people, already includes the lift to the TV Tower restaurant, so you won't have to worry about anything! Enjoy the uplifting atmosphere of the restaurant, the heavenly views of Vilnius, the wonderful taste of the dishes, and don't forget that prior to visiting the Vilnius TV Tower, advance reservation is necessary. We hope you don't wait for anything and experience cozy and unforgettable experiences at the Vilnius TV Tower!