• Price
  • from 100 to 200 (5)
  • from 200 to 400 (5)
  • more than 400 (5)
  • Number of persons
  • 1 (5)
  • 2 (5)
  • 3 (5)
  • 4+ (5)
  • Sale
  • Yes (4)
  • Country
  • Lithuania (5)
  • Region in Lithuania
  • Vilnius (3)
  • Kaunas (2)
  • Klaipeda (1)
  • City in Lithuania
  • Vilnius (2)
  • Trakai (2)
  • Birstonas (1)
  • Kaunas (1)
  • Klaipeda (1)

Oreiviai Audenis

Oreiviai Audenis is a service provider specializing in hot air ballooning in various areas of Lithuania. Their range of services includes various flight options for different customer need groups.

One of the most popular services is a hot air balloon flight in Trakai, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Trakai lakes from a height. A hot air balloon flight in Biršton is also offered, giving you the opportunity to experience wonderful natural views.

Oreiviai Audenis also provides a service - a hot air balloon flight over the selected city, giving customers the opportunity to experience a unique experience from the highest point. A hot air balloon flight in Kaunas is a great opportunity to see the beauty of the city from a new perspective, while a hot air balloon flight in Alytus will give you the opportunity to discover the beauty of the Alytus landscape.

Other services provided to Airman Audenis include a hot air balloon flight in Klaipėda, Marijampole and a romantic hot air balloon flight for two in Biršton. This service makes a great gift or a festive occasion, allowing the couple to enjoy a priceless date from above.

In addition, Oreiviai Audenis offers a hot air balloon flight for children up to 9 years old. This is a unique opportunity for children to experience the joy of adventure and encounters with nature, creating priceless memories.

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Oreiviai Audenis
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Airmen's club "Audenis" offers unforgettable entertainment for a lifetime - a flight in a hot air balloon! In order for the flight to go smoothly, you should prepare a little before it. For the flight, you should choose clothes that do not restrict movement (jeans are perfect). It can be chilly in the evening or early morning, so don't forget long-sleeved outerwear. Footwear should also be comfortable as you will need to stand in the balloon bag during the entire flight. We also recommend taking a sun hat to protect your hair from the hot air balloon burners.