Šiaulių parašiutininkų klubas

Šiaulių parašiutininkų klubas
  • 130,00 €

    This is one of the most popular ways to make the first parachute jump. You will get: jump with the wing type parachute with an instructor; jump from the 3000 m height; before the jump you will listen about 20 minutes long instruction; a jump in time for about 10 minutes; free fall for about 30 seconds 200 km/h~; after a jump there will be the baptism and...

    130,00 €

    Šiaulių parašiutininkų klubas Siauliai person time 30-60 min.

Šiauliai parachute club invites You to realize your dreams, to experience the good emotions and excitement of the first jump in parachute. Try it for yourself and tell others! Šiauliai parachuting club is Lithuanian Parachute Sport Federation member.