Holiday boat

  • 20,00 €

    "Holiday-boat" invites you to plunge into the summer pleasures and enjoy the beauty of Trakai lake. You'll have a chance to experience the beauty of peninsulas, castles and the luxurious "Užutrakio dvaras". The modern ship provides all the comfortability - WC, heating system, CD, MP3, TV and a sun terrace. We ensure your enjoyment!

    20,00 €

    Holiday boat Trakai person time 50 min.
  • 250,00 €

    „Holiday-boat“ invites you to plunge into the pleasures of summer and enjoy the sweet lake Trakai. During the fun time, you will make recreational and educational sailing on catamaran, enjoy islands and peninsulas castles, luxurious Užutrakio manor and romantic Galvė lake islands. Catamaran is modern and particularly environmentally friendly. It contains...

    250,00 €

    Holiday boat Trakai person 1-25 time 1 hour