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Rančo Gobas

The wooden house "Rancho Gobas" is like a real oasis in the silence of nature, which invites you to enjoy peace and harmony, forgetting about everyday rush and stress. This wooden house is located in a picturesque location, next to a lake and a forest, providing an opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of nature and restore your energy. The territory of the recreation complex has everything you need to enjoy various nature activities. You can fish or swim in the lake, which will provide refreshment on a hot summer day. In the forest there is a great opportunity to pick mushrooms or berries, enjoying the fresh air and silence far from the noise of the city. There is also a variety of entertainment and attractions for the whole family. There is a specially designed playground for children, where they can play and express themselves in a safe environment. In addition, there are also various animals on the territory, such as dogs, alpacas and cows, which please both young and old visitors. It is not only an entertaining but also an educational element of the experience, allowing you to get to know the different animals and their daily care.

"Rancho Gobas" offers the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable time in the silence of nature, relaxing from everyday hustle and bustle. This is the perfect destination for those who want to relax and rejuvenate in the lap of nature.

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Rančo Gobas
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