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Vuokatin Lasi-Iglut Oy

Vuokatti's glass igloos offer a unique nature experience and a touch of modern domestic luxury. Glass igloos are in themselves masterpieces of design, where a visit is an exotic experience. Accommodation in a beautiful lake environment while admiring the scenery from the glass walls is an incomparable experience that should not be missed.

Vuokatin Lasi-Iglut Oy

Vuokatti igloo is a new type of premium accommodation service in Vuokatti. Vuokatti's igloos take accommodation one step closer to nature. This is a new generation form of accommodation that combines Finnish design, modern solutions and the aesthetics of nature.

Admire the sunrise or raindrops from a warm and cozy igloo. Arctic Lakeland Igloos Vuokatti offers luxurious accommodation in Sotkamo-Vuokatti, Kainuu.