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Siguldas ZOO

Sigulda Zoopark is an exciting destination for the whole family, where you can get to know different species of animals and enjoy the beauty of nature. Located in Sigulda, in the heart of Latvia, this zoological park offers the opportunity to meet both local and exotic animals, creating unforgettable and educational experiences. Sigulda Zooparks is home to more than 50 different species of animals from all over the world. Here you can see familiar inhabitants of the Latvian forest, such as wolves and roe deer, as well as exotic animals, such as zebras, ostriches and leopards. Every visitor can enjoy closer contact with nature and gain new knowledge about animal lifestyle and environmental protection. Sigulda Zooparks is a great place not only for entertaining excursions, but also for education. Various educational events are organized here, such as animal feeding, themed tours and lectures on nature and animal behavior. It is a great way to expand your knowledge and get to know nature closer. Sigulda Zooparks also offers various activities and entertainment for children, including games and attractions. Children can enjoy their time by spending it at the animal cages, playing and learning new things about the diversity of nature. If you want to spend a wonderful day in nature and get to know the world of animals, Sigulda Zoo is the perfect place for you and your family!

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Siguldas ZOO
Siguldas ZOO Google 4.7 / (537)

Sigulda ZOO, which is a relatively new ZOO, is located in a beautiful place, in the picturesque Gauja National Park, near Sigulda. When visiting the Sigulda ZOO, every visitor has the opportunity to see various rare and common animals, such as zebras, wallabies, camels, llamas, alpacas, fallow deer, Highland cows, ostriches, peacocks, Northern Brazilian callitrix, meerkats, pygmies, pygmies, Valais goats, etc. also sheep, goats, rabbits. Sigulda Zoo offers a fun vacation for families and the little ones will definitely like it.

Sigulda ZOO is a great place to enjoy recreation with the family in a beautiful part of Latvia, which provides an opportunity to see the beauty of nature in combination with a visit to the zoo - it will be a fun, informative and exciting entertainment in nature that both children and adults will like!