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Purjelaiva Ingrid

The almost 100-year-old sailing ship Ingrid is originally a vessel designed for the professional use of fishermen, which was built especially for the demanding conditions of the north. Today, the sailing ship, which spends its days in recreational use, takes numerous passengers along the coast of Finland every year. There are both public sailings and charter sailings, which are usually organized for groups of around 6–12 people.

You can see the schedules of public sailings on the company's website. Private charter trips are organized from two-hour reservations to all-day trips. Groups of less than 8 people also have the option of staying overnight on the boat. At the request of the customers, sailings are individually tailored according to a theme such as a party. The trip can include, for example, an island adventure or a swim.

Purjelaiva Ingrid

The sailing ship Ingrid is a sailing ship built for professional use in the waves of the North Sea in 1932. Today, the sailing ship Ingrid is focused on both private and group sailings off Helsinki and in the archipelago.

Day sailings in particular are pleasant and exciting for both experienced boaters and first-timers. The sailing ship has a comprehensive heated salon with room for ten people at the same time.