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Reissujuna Google 4.3 / (375)

The traveling train offers experiences on the tracks. Reissujuna is an ambitious project of train enthusiasts and professionals interested in rail transport to create experiential train travel in Finland.

In a passenger train, the journey itself is the most important, not only the destination. The passenger train does not compete with speed, but with quality. On the train, you can hear live music, see shows and eat and drink in a pleasant restaurant car and soon also in a club car and a sauna car.

Various trips are tailored for companies, associations, groups of friends or others who want an interesting train experience with programs and days. Join us to celebrate an anniversary or, for example, the company's Tyky Day on track!

The travel train wants to offer a pleasant atmosphere to every passenger. Depending on your interests, you can either enjoy the program or alternatively relax in the quiet carriage while enjoying the scenery.