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Extreme Team Tampere

Extreme Team Tampere

Paragliding club Extreme Team Tampere offers the opportunity to go paragliding near Tampere over Lake Näsijärvi. The experience flight gives a good first contact with the world of flying, and you get to experience the views from a bird's height. Experience flight is suitable for everyone who is in basic health. Extreme Team Tampere is the only one in Finland to organize paragliding tandem records safely on water.

The introductory course, which lasts about an hour, includes not only an experience flight, but also instruction on flight, paragliding equipment and the principle of flying. In practice, the lead is towed into the air by a boat at an altitude of 600-800 meters while admiring the scenery, after which the tow rope is removed and the actual flying begins. Your job is just to enjoy the scenery and the actual flying is taken care of by an experienced and trained tandem pilot. If you want, you can also try how paragliding feels like. If you're really an adrenalin lover - the pilot can also do tricks where you can experience g-forces.

If after this experience you get excited about the sport - you can continue your journey as a student of the paragliding club towards becoming an independent pilot. Courses are offered at several levels: as a beginner course, as an independent pilot course, and as a more advanced course.

Paragliding club Extreme Team is located in Santalahtenpuisto in Tampere.