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Suomen Ultrapilotit

Suomen Ultrapilotit ry offers a great opportunity to get to know the world of flying. Demonstration flights are offered, where the participant gets a real feel of flying a small plane, and if they want, they can try piloting the plane themselves.

If you are more interested in the work of a pilot, with Suomen Ultrapilots you can complete the course required for a pilot's license as well as other supplementary courses. The association's activities are organized in Hyvinkää and Antequera, Spain.

Suomen Ultrapilotit

Suomen Ultrapilotit is an aviation club specializing in light aviation. The association's sport is ultralight flying, which organizes demonstration flights in Nummela or Hyvinkää. The goal is to get new enthusiasts into the sport through introductory flights. Suomen Ultrapilotit ry's pilot training is a sure and safe choice!

Suomen Ultrapilot ry gives its members training for an ultralight flying license. Both training and demonstration training are organized in Hyvinkää. The association also organizes flight operations in Spain in Antequera in winter.

In addition, continuing education is available for members who have already completed their pilot's license. Members are especially encouraged to fly for long distances, and advice is given on, for example, the purchase of a plane or the formation of a flying machine. Flights to Estonia and Latvia are organized with a flight instructor.

Experience the freedom of flying! Try guiding yourself.