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LakeLand GTE

Lake Land GTE is a company that organizes wonderful outdoor activities and nature experiences on the shores of Saimaa. As the name suggests, the activity offer makes use of Saimaa's water opportunities. The selection includes, among other things, norpa and fishing trips, as well as ice rafting and kayaking.

The nature surrounding the lake guarantees that the area has many year-round experiences in addition to water activities. So jump into the adventure and go on unforgettable adventure trips to Finland's most beautiful lake landscapes.

LakeLand GTE

LakeLand GTE is a nature tourism and program service company founded in 2009 in Puumala, on the shores of Saimaa. The company offers the best experiences in Savo and Saimaa!

The experiences take place in Saimaa's wonderful nature. Program services and experiences are available in nature all year round. In the summer, popular experiences include norppar trips, cruises on an electric boat, fishing trips, wild herb courses and various outdoor competitions. Popular program services in winter are ice rafting "Saimaa on the rocks", adventure bus tours and winter races. The program service is suitable for companies, tourists and residents of the Saimaa region.

Lakeland GTE's tour guides are professional and have the training and qualifications required by law. So you can be sure that you are in the best hands.

Lakeland GTE always offers the best service. Welcome to experience great experiences in the wonderful nature of Saimaa!