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Pysy tiellä -ajotapahtumat

Pysy tiellä -ajotapahtumat

The Stay on the Road driving event offers an overview of the world of rally riding and driving. Rally rides are organized for both companies and private individuals. Rides have been organized since 2006.

The secret of continuous growth lies in the enthusiasm with which the work is done! The ride takes place on a real Finnish gravel road, where trees are cut at a distance of 10 cm in some places. The dizzying crossings of the pile have not left anyone cold.

Passengers will receive a commemorative plaque with a motorsport theme and an IN-car video of their own facial movements during the drive. The events are insured and they take place on a road section closed to general traffic or on an ice area. Rally rides take place with Mitsubishi Evo and Fords Excort rally cars regardless of the season.

The company's motto is "No one has become a world champion in traffic by scooping up!".