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The Water-SkiZoo company is founded around waterboarding. Unforgettable activities are offered with attention to detail and professionalism. The range of activities includes waterboarding, water skiing, parasailing, floating, as well as riding an inflatable banana boat or tire. Water-SkiZoo offers a wide range of activities in the water in Imatra, surrounded by nature.

Water sports experiences are great to choose from in both winter and summer. Water-SkiZoo offers you a suitable solution and experience regardless of the season. Experience the beauty of nature in summer. In winter, cold water gets your blood flowing and it's nice to enjoy a warming drink after cold water. Drysuits are used during cold water and wetsuits in summer.

Water-SkiZoo water skiing school teaches the basics of water skiing for all ages and even more advanced skiers will definitely find tips and challenges. The Water-SkiZoo piloting team is the reigning Finnish champion in precision paragliding, so you are guaranteed to be in good hands.