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Perälä Rally Team

Perälä Rally Team

Perälä Rally Team offers fast-paced experiences that don't lack the charm of speed! Perälä Rally Team was founded in 1998. The owner, Janne Perälä, has had a distinguished rally career, which has included many different series around Europe. During his career, Janne has worked both as a driver and a karter in the SM, EC and WC series as well as in national rallies.

Perälä Rally Team's experiences include rally riding, driving a rally car yourself, slippery weather instruction and race trips. Not forgetting the VIP of the Jyväskylä World Cup Rally! Driving a rally car yourself is downright addictive. Driving a rally car completely disconnects you from everyday chores, and work matters are left behind. So this is a great activity to do with a work group as well. Motorsport-themed events are also suitable for improving customer relations.

Jyväskylä World Rally VIP offers an opportunity to watch the World Rally event in the best places, enjoying excellent service and catering. You can make the experience even more memorable with a helicopter ride. The events are modified to the last touch according to the wishes of the customers. Flexibility and listening to customers is always a priority in services!

If your dream is to participate in the Moto GP races, there is a solution for that too! Perälä Rally Team organizes full-service race trips around Europe. These race trips are full-service, and everything is taken care of for you. All you have to do is enjoy.

Perälä Rally Team operates in Jyvässeutu.