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Restauracja Different

Welcome to the Different Restaurant, where culinary excellence meets a truly immersive experience. Our unique gastronomic concept of dinner in the dark is not just a meal; is a journey to the world of heightened senses and unrivaled tastes. What distinguishes the Different Restaurant is not only our commitment to providing exquisite dishes, but also our commitment to empowering blind people.

At the Different Restaurant, we proudly employ a team of qualified and passionate people who redefine the art of service. Guided by their heightened senses, our blind employees provide an unparalleled culinary experience, turning each meal into a symphony of flavors, aromas and textures. When you surrender to the darkness, your other senses come alive, transforming the act of eating into a truly unforgettable event.

Our menu, prepared by experienced chefs, presents a diverse range of dishes, each of which is designed to delight your taste buds. From the first bite, Different Restaurant promises a culinary adventure that goes beyond the visual sphere. As you taste each dish, our waiters will skillfully guide you through the experience, creating an intimate connection between the food and the restaurant.

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Restauracja Different
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The DIFFERENT restaurant is an extraordinary restaurant in the dark that will introduce you to the world of the senses, but your sight must remain behind the door. A meal here is a sensual adventure full of aromatic flavors and smells. The taste of dishes that we cannot see is rediscovered and curiosity is triggered. Fragrances stimulate the imagination and stimulate the taste buds. Touch allows you to learn the consistency of dishes and also feel the closeness of people. And hearing hold interactions.

Our priority is to provide experiences for the senses, which is why we decided to entrust our guests to the hands of people familiar with this - blind people. These are trained, polite and always helpful waiters, with whom you can easily go blind.

We serve European Fusion cuisine. To give you maximum pleasure from the entire experience. We are preparing a surprise for you on a plate. This is the perfect offer:

- for a romantic dinner. A meeting for two in complete darkness - this is an alternative for people looking for something special and original.

- for business meetings and events. The DIFFERENT restaurant is the perfect place to plan and conduct a unique, unconventional company meeting.

- for schools. Integration and educational activities adjacent to the famous Invisible Exhibition

- for tasting. At DIFFERENT, we want to surprise the greatest connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages and coffee with elegance, aroma and taste.

An additional experience for the senses is live music playing in the background. Your senses have completely taken over your body.

The restaurant is located in the very center of Warsaw. Open from 4 to 9:30 p.m., please reserve a table.