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  • Estonia (4)
  • Region in Estonia
  • Harju County (4)
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  • Tallinn (4)

Mustamäe Elamusspa & Spa21+

Mustamäe Elamusspa & Spa21+

At Mustamäe Elamus Spa, you can enjoy the largest sauna center in Estonia, where 21 saunas with special solutions, a children's area, sauna bars and SPA21+ await you. In addition, a 25m sports pool with 6 lanes and a children's training pool. In order to make the spa vacation even better, we also offer a variety of different treatments, massages, sauna rituals and water aerobics.

Mustamäe Elamus Spa offers a pleasant and relaxing vacation for both families with children and couples. A spacious and entertaining children's area, various saunas and relaxation pools await children in the spa. Refreshing and cooling drinks can be found in the cafe area. In addition, the spa has two outdoor terraces with hanging swings, lounge chairs and beanbag chairs, and lounge chairs. In addition, a sauna, whirlpools and a cold water pool for cooling.

SPA21+ for adults offers a calm and quiet spa experience with personal service, pleasant saunas with sauna rituals and an exclusive sauna bar offering refreshing drinks.

All tickets are without time limit and also include free time-limited parking in the 320-space parking lot!

Find time for a vacation at Mustamäe Elamus Spa!