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Teletorni restoran

Teletorni restoran
Teletorni restoran Google 4.4 / (480)

In the tallest building in Estonia - the Tallinn television tower - there is a unique restaurant that offers, in addition to delicious food that respects local traditions, a view of every weather, which is a truly memorable experience.

The history of the TV tower has a significant meaning for Estonia, and the interior design of the restaurant has a retro atmosphere from the 80s, when the tower was built. The viewing platform adds value to the exciting atmosphere, from where restaurant visitors can admire the wonderful views of Tallinn while waiting for their food.

The head chef of the restaurant, Mihkel Kalbus, is one of the best young chefs in Estonia, whose goal is to value Estonian cuisine and food culture. When preparing the menu, he emphasizes the importance of local raw materials, offers flavors familiar and typical to Estonians, and modernizes various time-honored dishes throughout history. In addition, the menu also includes a lot of products from small Estonian producers.

Tasting in the Teletorni restaurant is definitely an experience that cannot be found anywhere else. We are waiting for you to admire the enchanting views of the highest restaurant in Northern Europe and to taste familiar and local dishes prepared in a modern way!