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Pegasa Pils

SPA hotel Pegasa Pils is not only a place of rest, but also a true immersion in the Art Nouveau atmosphere. The historic architecture and decor create a unique combination of old charm and modern comfort. SPA Hotel Pegasa Pils is located in the historical central part of Jurmala, just a few steps away from the shores of the Baltic Sea. It is an ideal place for those looking for peace and relaxation in a place surrounded by nature. One of the main attractions for visitors is the wide seaside beach that stretches for tens of kilometers. Here guests can enjoy the sun, swim in the sea or simply walk along the shore. Jūrmala's beaches are clean and tidy, making them attractive to both active recreation enthusiasts and those who prefer peaceful walks. The city is also famous for its historic wooden buildings, great architecture and cozy streets. The center of Jurmala is full of unique cafes, restaurants and shops that offer local goods. In addition, Jurmala offers various spa centers and sanatoriums where guests can enjoy health and beauty treatments. This place is suitable for both family holidays and romantic holidays. Do not forget about the local cultural scene, because concerts, festivals and other events often take place in Jurmala. Jurmala's cultural heritage gives this resort a special charm. SPA Hotel Pegasa Pils is located near the famous Dzintari Concert Hall. Our friendly staff will do everything possible to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

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Pegasa Pils
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SPA hotel and restaurant "Pegasa Pils" is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, in the beautiful resort town of Jurmala. Jurmala is not only a destination for local guests, but hundreds of foreign tourists visit it every year. Hotel and restaurant "Pegasa Pils" is located near Jomas Street and concert hall "Dzintari". The "Pegasa Pils Boutique SPA Hotel & Resort Jurmala SPA" complex is modern, introducing unique local natural resources into its services, which help improve health and increase beauty and well-being.

Restaurant "Pegasa pils" offers a wide range of dishes that every visitor will appreciate. The restaurant serves various world cuisines - Latvian, European cuisine and pizzas. If you have decided to visit the restaurant with your family, then you can be sure that each of you will be taken care of - for the well-being of the smallest visitors, a separate children's menu has been developed. The restaurant is very beautiful and tasteful, the interior is in Art Noveau style.