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Vytautas Mineral SPA

Vytautas Mineral SPA is an exclusive service provider located in Biršton. This service center provides accommodation services, an extensive wellness program, with exceptional attention to customer needs.

"Vytautas Mineral SPA" provides accommodation with a spa, which provides luxury and comfort related to spa procedures, swimming pools and sauna areas. Here, customers can rest, relax and rejuvenate with a variety of water treatments.

"Vytautas Mineral SPA" also offers relaxation and wellness programs that are adapted to different groups of needs. These programs can include a variety of activities: gym, group training, unlimited access to the pool and sauna area, consultation with a doctor / personal health care specialist, mineral water that heals to help clients achieve a balance of well-being and harmony.

Vytautas Mineral SPA has earned the titles of the most innovative spa center in Europe, which shows their commitment to offer the highest level of services. Exceptional customer focus, high-quality services and advanced wellness solutions make this service center an exceptional choice for those seeking luxury and well-being.

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Vytautas Mineral SPA
Vytautas Mineral SPA Google 4 / (774)

Do you feel tired, but maybe you want to improve your health, regain lost physical and spiritual strength and have a good time? For a pleasant, health-improving and quality respite - "Vytautas Mineral SPA". When choosing a place for spa relaxation , there can be no compromises. The main and most important thing is you, so everything - from the location, room interior, food, restaurants, spa services to service - must be perfect. This is a place where you will completely get away from everyday life, so it is important that you do not have to worry about anything - you will simply arrive and be surrounded by a calm, relaxing atmosphere, where everything will be taken care of for you and thought out and arranged in such a way that the rest will be quality and unforgettable. Professional and dedicated staff, high quality of services and positive feedback from former guests surrounding Vytautas Mineral SPA - a recipe for a good experience and great relaxation!

This is exactly what the wellness and recreation complex "Vytautas Mineral SPA" in Birštonas is, which has won the titles of the most innovative spa center in Europe and the most professional spa center in the Baltic countries. And these titles were earned for a reason! Having opened its doors just a few years ago, "Vytautas Mineral SPA" captivated visitors with its modern, stylish interior, spacious premises, a variety of procedures and helpful and professional staff who dedicate all their time, energy and effort to make every visitor to "Vytautas Mineral SPA" feel satisfied. and would like to return again and again. But about everything from the beginning and in a little more detail. Do not stop reading further and we will answer the question you are currently having - why should you choose recreation at "Vytautas Mineral SPA" Birštonas?

Great place

The wellness and recreation complex is located in the Birštonas resort , which has long been known as the city of healing water. The springs gushing here contain more than 70 different minerals that are extremely useful for our body, so this water is used in all procedures at Vytautas Mineral SPA. For example, the Sofia mineral water used during wellness therapy has a positive effect on your body and the whole organism. Birštonas is also distinguished by its extremely fresh air, calm, well-organized environment and cultivated cultural life, which will impress those who like not only spa entertainment, but also rich free time. Well, and finally, right next to "Vytautas Mineral SPA" stretches the impressive coast of the Nemunas, so you will be surrounded by nature and wonderful views.

Vytautas Mineral SPA procedures in Biršton

High level procedures

"Vytautas Mineral SPA" has a spacious complex of swimming pools and saunas equipped with the latest technology, so you can completely relax and enjoy the pleasures of water treatments. It is for these reasons that the gift voucher for a visit to the "Vytautas Mineral SPA" swimming pool and sauna area in Biršton is one of the most popular choices among those looking for a short but quality rest. The hotel's spa center offers a variety of spa treatments, including massages, mud and bath therapies, detoxifying or rejuvenating rituals, and many other services that will help you regain your strength and take care of the harmony of your body and soul. If you are interested in health relaxation, here you will be provided with professional consultations and mineral water treatments, therapeutic massages, individual movement or intensive physical therapy and other treatment and rehabilitation methods that will help you regain strength and achieve the best results. Small guests of the wellness and recreation complex will also have the opportunity to relax. Various therapeutic massages are also performed for children, and after that, the little guests of the complex are treated to various and relaxing baths and a professional consultation by a physiotherapist, so they will definitely not be bored!

Interior inspired by nature

"Vytautas Mineral SPA" rooms are furnished in modern classic and Scandinavian style, and each of them has an exclusive, individual design dominated by natural motifs and soothing, relaxing colors and harmony. Here you can choose from a wide variety of options - from a standard double room to a luxurious suite, so everyone will find their choice here! All this will allow you to rest in comfort and style. The hotel is suitable for both a short stay, when staying for one night, but a great time spent. One of the most popular one-night complexes for a couple is a romantic overnight stay for two at "Vytautas Mineral SPA" in Biršton. For those looking for a longer vacation with a wide selection of spa services, we recommend a 5-night vacation program "Vytautas Mineral SPA" in Biršton with massages and unlimited visits to the water park every day. This type of program is a vacation that will leave not only unforgettable impressions and only positive memories, but also help strengthen health, be more resistant to various diseases and regain lost physical and spiritual strength, and feel inner peace and harmony.

An exclusive restaurant

Professional chefs work in the restaurant operating in the health and recreation complex, and the essence of Vytautas Mineral SPA's food culture is healthy dishes made from fresh products, many of which are prepared in mineral water. Seasonal cuisine dominates here, which is combined with the best European dishes, so you can enjoy not only great taste, but also a balanced diet that is good for the body. The menu of the restaurant is full of salads, steamed food, many choices that will suit the taste of every guest. Vegetarians, omnivores or guests of the wellness and recreation complex who are intolerant to certain foods will also find their own taste here. We wish you delicious and memorable gastronomic experiences at the wellness and recreation center "Vytautas Mineral SPA" Birštonas.

Vytautas Mineral SPA gift voucher

Gift voucher for a visit to the health and recreation complex and an overnight stay in "Vytautas Mineral SPA" Birštonas prices start from €99. If you don't want to spend at the moment, in our assortment you will find gift vouchers for visiting and indulging in the pleasures of the wellness and recreation complex without overnight stay. For example, a visit to the "Vytautas Mineral" SPA pool and saunas costs €15, so a stay in this health and recreation complex is affordable for many, especially when the concept of "promotion" is not so foreign here. So don't wait for anything and make yourself or your loved ones happy with a gift voucher for a visit to the wellness and recreation complex "Vytautas Mineral SPA" Birštonas . We wish to improve the health of you or your loved ones, have a great rest and have fun in the wellness and recreation complex "Vytautas Mineral SPA" Birštonas.