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Jääaja keskus

Jääaja keskus
Jääaja keskus Google 4.6 / (2161)

The Ice Age Center is an experience center for the whole family in Tartu County, which offers the joy of discovery, exciting experiences and great activities for both children and adults.

The Ice Age Center, which is unique in the entire Baltic region, introduces visitors to the history of the formation of our universe, the causes of the ice age and its impact on the earth. You will find out what was the development of nature and human settlement in Estonia after the last ice age and what are the causes of climate change. The center's real attraction is the giant mammoth on the ground floor, but you'll also encounter other Ice Age animals like proboscis deer and cave lions. On the third floor, a life-size polar bear Franz welcomes you.

Come to the Ice Age Center to have a good time with your family, make exciting discoveries and gather new knowledge!