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Tulpės sanatorija

Tulpės sanatorija

If you often feel tired, you are no longer interested in the usual activities that are dear to your heart, and life seems gray - you need to rest! Rest is an integral part of excellent health and well-being. However, in order for it to be of high quality and bring long-term benefits, it is very important to find a balance by combining relaxation with procedures and activities that will strengthen the body and direct the mind positively.

It is not necessary to travel abroad in order to have a quality rest. For a great rest, you can also choose Lithuanian resorts that are closer to you. One of the best health and recreation resorts is Birštonas . Birštonas has long been famous for its mineral water, healing mud baths, fabulously beautiful nature and places to visit. A great place for quiet rest and health in Biršton - "Tulpė" sanatorium.

The sanatorium , which has been operating for a hundred years, invites everyone who wants to reduce tension and fatigue, improve their health or just have a great rest to visit. The staff of the sanatorium with many years of experience invites you to take advantage of everything that the corner of Birštonas rich and clean nature can offer.

This is the first sanatorium in Biršton, characterized by long-standing traditions of treatment with mineral water and healing mud. The sanatorium is located in one of the most picturesque places of the resort - the old park, so its visitors can enjoy the wonderful landscape of Nemunas and the natural surroundings, which will further strengthen the healing powers of the procedures and allow them to gain energy and strength. Come to the "Tulipes" sanatorium and recover your lost physical and spiritual strength!

"Tulpė" sanatorium in Biršton

The "Tulpė" sanatorium is a great place for individual relaxation when you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but the main and strongest side of the sanatorium, which brings many people from Lithuania and other countries here every year, is the health programs and spa procedures .

Diseases of the digestive system, movement and support system can be treated in the sanatorium. It is a great place for those who want to fight emotional or physical fatigue, tension, constant stress, psychosomatic diseases. Each client of the sanatorium, with the help of a doctor, chooses relevant and adapted treatment, wellness or relaxation complexes that will help to get rid of fatigue, improve health and provide good mood and freshness.

If you just want to regain your strength and take care of yourself, the sanatorium has prepared special health programs, which include carefully selected and comprehensive relaxation procedures and other activities. It can be one, several days or weekend wellness and treatment programs, sanatorium treatment is also applied here.

One of the most popular recreation complexes is a 3-night stay with two spa treatments at the "Tulpė" sanatorium in Biršton. During this stay, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast and lunch every day, receive an individual doctor's consultation and create a wellness plan, a visit to the pool and sauna complex, exercise in the pool or gym and a visit to the mineral water pearl bath or carbonic acid bath.

A back and waist massage or a full body relaxing massage will also await you. After all the procedures, you can rest and finally relax by choosing aromatherapy - music therapy or inhalation with medicinal herbs.

Both healing and SPA procedures are performed using spring mineral water, healing mud, various essential oils, herbs, honey, coffee, chocolate and other natural products with endless beneficial properties. Spa procedures performed at the "Tulpė" sanatorium can be selected according to the needs of each client: body slimming, cellulite treatment, body detoxification, skin moisturizing, facial care, special procedures for men, etc.

Here you will find the categories of therapeutic mud, inhalations, therapeutic baths, physiotherapy and physiotherapy, swimming pool and sauna complexes, and therapeutic massage, where each of them contains a variety of spa and therapeutic procedures, which will be helped by the doctor of the sanatorium to choose the right one.

These procedures will help improve health, relax and regain lost physical and spiritual strength, and feel inner peace and harmony. The day wellness complex for two in the "Tulpė" sanatorium in Biršton is intended for those looking for a short but effective rest without overnight stay.

This wellness complex includes a visit to the pool and sauna complex, a full body scrub and massage, and a mud mask. It is a great choice for those who do not have a lot of free time, but are looking for ways for quick and quality relaxation.

Sanatorium visitors can stay in two residential buildings. One of them - "White Villa" - was built in 2015, so all the rooms here are newly and modernly furnished. Here you will find single and double rooms, as well as apartments for the whole family or rooms with a kitchenette.

Upon request, you can choose a room with a spacious balcony from which you can enjoy the wonderful views of the Birštonas resort or the flow of the Nemunas River. All this will put you in a calming mood and allow you to enjoy the special magnificence of nature. The sanatorium has 3 class rooms - standard, mini-suite and family room.

Unlike a standard room, in a mini-suite you will get a room with a balcony and a view of the park or the Nemunas. The family room has the same facilities as the mini suite, but the family room is much larger with 2 or 3 separate rooms and some of them have an extra sofa bed.

You don't know which recreation complex to give as a gift, which spa procedures are the most suitable? A gift voucher for the sanatorium "Tulpė" in Biršton is a great way out, for which the recipient of the gift will be able to complete the most suitable vacation for himself.

Rest in the "Tulpė" sanatorium is suitable for people of various age groups - children, teenagers, adults, seniors, so there will be enough activities and space for every sanatorium visitor.

Prices and reservations at the "Tulpė" sanatorium

Advance reservation is not necessary at the "Tulpė" sanatorium in Biršton, but it is necessary to remember that arrival is not possible during the main winter holidays. All other information is written in the offer section of the gift certificate, so there is no need to worry about not being informed about the preconditions.

The prices of gift vouchers for an overnight stay at the "Tulpė" sanatorium start from €98. If you can't allocate such an amount at the moment, don't worry! In our assortment, you can find gift vouchers that do not include overnight stay, but include wellness treatments - this is a great option for people who are always in a hurry and don't have time to spend a whole day relaxing.

For example, the price of a wellness complex coupon starts at only €50! This complex includes a visit to the pool and sauna complex, a full body scrub and massage, and a mud mask. It's a great choice for quick relaxation.

"Tulpe" sanatorium gift voucher

A gift voucher from the "Tulpė" sanatorium in Biršton will make everyone happy, regardless of their gender, age or the occasion of giving. After all, each of us deserves rest, self-love and peace, right? The magical, health-improving procedures and quality rest of the "Tulpė" sanatorium are not only the descriptions in our offers section, but also the positive feedback of the visitors.

So don't wait for anything and come to "Tulpės" sanatorium in Biršton and give yourself a moment of bliss and rest! We wish you great experiences, good rest and a pleasant stay at the "Tulpė" sanatorium in Biršton!