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Sporta Biedrība "ULTRA"

Sports Association "Ultra" is an active organization that supports and promotes various sports activities and events in Daugavpils and its surroundings. With a great spirit of adventure and a focus on outdoor activities, this society empowers people to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. One of the most popular activities offered by the Sports Association "Ultra" is paragliding. Daugavpils paragliding school, which operates in this association, offers the opportunity to learn this exciting air sport and enjoy flying over beautiful Latvia. With its professional approach and experience, the Sports Association "Ultra" ensures safety and quality in paragliding flights, providing both training for new pilots and also offering flights to experienced pilots. In addition, this association organizes various events and competitions related to the sport of paragliding/hang-gliding, promoting its development and popularity in Daugavpils and in Latvia as a whole. These events provide an opportunity to showcase your skills and meet other enthusiasts in the field. Sports association "Ultra" has become a prominent participant in the world of sports in Daugavpils, offering various opportunities for people to spend their time actively and enjoy adventures in nature. Offering safe and quality services, this association is popular among sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers both in Daugavpils and beyond.

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Sporta Biedrība "ULTRA"
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Do you want to feel the wind on your skin and complete freedom? Sports association "Ultra" offers you to experience both at the same time! "Ultra" is located in Daugavpils, at the Grivas airfield, and offers everyone who is interested to enjoy air activity flights with tandem paragliding or moto-hang-gliding.

If you want to see the land from a bird's eye view, but don't want to do it alone, you can choose a tandem flight accompanied by an experienced pilot. Before the flight, you will receive a briefing, after which you will be ready to take to the sky. Depending on the weather conditions, you will have the opportunity to see Daugavpils, and if the weather is on your side, you will also be able to see Belarus and Lithuania!

At the "Ultra" sports club, you also have the opportunity to learn to fly a paraglider or a hang-glider if you wish. The Spodra association offers various training programs to ensure the accumulation of experience as well as theoretical knowledge, so that you can safely and without any problems enjoy your individual flight high above the ground!

Paragliding is the perfect gift for those who want to experience something breathtaking and unforgettable, for those who love the sky and want to try some aerial activities, but prefer something more peaceful than skydiving!