Purchase agreement

1. Gift coupon entitles the Client to the service shown on Gift the coupon. 

2. A Gift coupon can only be used once. If when exchanging a Gift coupon or check, not entire service/product value is obtained, the difference between the Gift coupon value and the value gained for services/products is not refunded. 

3. A gift coupon is valid for 12 (twelve) months, from the day of purchase, if not stated otherwise. If a coupon expires, coupon validity period is not extended and money for the unused coupon is not refunded. 

4. The aqquired and unused GiftyLand.com Gift coupon or check can be returned in 15 (fifteen) calendar days from its day of purchase. Client must submit a request for a refund. If the Gift coupon was paid for in cash, the Client must provide the receipt / check as well. Money is refunded to the payer's payment account within 5 work days from request submission day.

5. The aqquired and unused GiftyLand.com Gift coupon or check can be replaced in 15 (fifteen) calendar days from its day of purchase. Client must submit a request for Gift coupon replacement, providing the coupon the old coupon will be replaced with. Within 5 (five) calendar days we will send the new Gift coupon to the Client's provided e-mail address. The validity period is counted from the acquisition day of the first Gift coupon. 

6. When a reservation is made in a way that the Gift coupon provided, the Recipient of the serive must arrive to the designated location on time. 

7. Some services might be pose danger to health and life for persons with health problems. By performing the reservation, the recipient of service confirms that he is aware of all the dangers to health and life related to the ordered services and that all responsibility is beared by the recipient of service. 

8. According to the characteristics of the service, third party service providers may request the recipient of service, who provides the Gift coupon, to sign additional contracts or agreements to follow the rules of the provided service. In specified cases services might not be provided without signing the additional agreements or service proposal rules, and money for the unused gift coupon will not be refunded. 

9. Ltd. "BALTIC COMMERCE" is not responsible for the quality of services or products and the risk that they might pose. All pretensions for the quality of services or products have to made by the Client directly to the service provider or product seller.

10. Information about the Client is confidential and can only be provided by Ltd. "BALTIC COMMERCE" to third parties in specific cases if required by law.

11. Client confirms that before accepting to the purchasing agreement, he read all conditions and agrees to them completely. Also, the Client knows that the agreement with purchasing conditions is valid from the moment when Client, according to the specifications provided by the system, doesn't remove the check mark from "Purchasing conditions", this way confirming his agreement with the purchasing conditions. 

12. The mediator - GiftyLand.com, obliges to instantly confirm the agreement by sending Gift order confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the Client in the order form. 

13. Once the buyer agrees to the purchasing conditions, the mediator - GiftyLand.com has the right to use the information provided by the buyer to send newsetters, offers and other information to the buyer. When the buyer does not want to receive the newsletters, he can cancel the newsletter subscription.