Wakeboarding is a number one summer activity. Speed and power that you feel when catching the wind will stay in your memory for a very long time. This activity is suitable for beginners. However, it also provides great sensations and adrenaline for experienced wakeboarders.

While standing on a wakeboard you will be pulled through the water by a special cable. Wakeboarding parks are filled with kickers and other obstacles. All the necessary equipment and the help from professionals are provided for this activity.

Main features:

  • the duration depends on the offer; usually, the activity takes about 40 minutes;
  • a swimsuit/swim trunks, towel and flip flops are necessary;
  • wakeboarding is performed during the warm season; parks can be visited 7 days a week;
  • the coupon is valid for 12 months;
  • introductory instructions on the shore, a wakeboard, and special outfit are included in the offer;
  • if 2 or 3 people participate in one activity, the same equipment is used;
  • preregistration is necessary.