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Are you looking for new experiences and adrenaline? Then try our activities! Water skiing and kitesurfing will definitely be enjoyed by every adventurous person. A gift of kitesurfing and water skiing will allow you to spend the hot summer days in a pleasant and feel-good manner by the water!

Every daredevil looking for adrenaline must experience the feeling of sliding on water. Water skiing is perfect for those that love speed and want to test their strength. With the water skis you can perform such stunts as edging, abrupt turns, and even jumps over the waves.

Water skiing in Lithuania is a wonderful way to spend your free time, develop your personality and get a great dose of adrenaline. Professional instructors will provide you with all the required knowledge that will help you to slide with the water skis for the first time as a true professional and achieve the most exciting sensations.

Main features:

  • the duration depends on the offer; usually, the activity takes about 15 minutes;

  • a swimsuit/swim trunks, towel and flip flops are necessary;

  • water skiing is performed during the warm season; parks can be visited 7 days a week;

  • the coupon is valid for 12 months;

  • introductory instructions on the shore, lifejackets, and the help from a professional instructor are provided during the activity;

  • individuals up to 18 years have to provide consent of parents;

  • wetsuits can be rented for an additional fee;

  • preregistration is necessary.

Kitesurfing is a fun and extreme way to spend your free time. You will safely and quickly learn how to control a kite as well as get acquainted with all written and unwritten rules of kitesurfing.

During the course of kitesurfing, you will get theoretical and practical lessons on how to control a power kite. You will find out how to determine the direction of the wind and get more information about wind windows and the usage of the safety system. Moreover, you will learn how to prepare and control a trainer kite that is used for practising on the ground and you will prepare the real power kite with your own hands that you will use for your lesson in the water. You will be taught how to raise the power kite, surf upwind in zigzags, stay steady on the board, brake efficiently, and control the power kite on your own. During the course, special attention is paid to the safety systems and the analysis of extreme and dangerous situations.

Main features:

  • the duration depends on the offer; usually, the lesson takes 2 hours;

  • sweatpants, t-shirt, and socks are required. Wetsuit, helmet, lifejacket, and wetsuit boots are required in some lessons;

  • lessons are carried out throughout the year;

  • the coupon is valid for 12 months;

  • the activity can be held in groups or individually, depending on the number of participants;

  • the introductory lessons are carried out on the ground;

  • preregistration is necessary.

A gift coupon of kitesurfing, and water skiing will definitely provide joy to every adventurous person!