Virtual Reality and Optical Illusion Rooms



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Virtual Reality and Optical Illusion Rooms are the entertainments from the future, a place where your eyes can deceive you. In the virtual reality space, it is an opportunity to experience what seemed so far impossible. A virtual reality headset will bring you into outer space, underwater and into fantastic worlds. VR rooms bring you to virtual reality and provide with unforgettable experiences. Optical illusion rooms challenge your eyes with mirror rooms and even more. We offer you a visit to virtual reality space and optical illusion rooms in various Lithuanian cities. For those willing to impress their beloved ones, closest friends or acquaintances, Gift coupon Virtual Reality and Optical Illusion Rooms will leave an indelible impression for a long time to come.

Virtual Reality is an adventure you will immerse in as soon as you wear your 3D headset. Having purchased virtual reality entertainment, you will be allowed to choose and experience multiple virtual reality spaces, invite your friends to have fun and have fun with them. The duration of a session depends on the entertainment you have purchased, usually a virtual reality session lasts from 6 minutes to as much as 2 hours. Some virtual reality spaces have a seating area for snacks or hot drinks. What are you going to see? You will be able to try a flight to the moon, watch the deep sea and the blue whales floating there, fight enemies like in a real action movie and even much more.

Main features:

  • the duration of the virtual reality session and the number of participants depend on your gift coupon;

  • the entertainment lasts from 6 minutes to 2 hours;

  • some Virtual Reality spaces have a seating area;

  • Virtual Reality equipment is provided.

Optical Illusion Room is the perfect entertainment for those looking for something new. The world of optical illusions makes you doubt what you see because what you see is not true. When visiting the optical illusion room, you will find a labyrinth of mirrors, the Devil’s Tunnel, the Size illusion, the anti-gravity room and much more. This entertainment guarantees a fun and exciting time for a couple or a group of friends.

Main features:

  • usually, it takes about 30-40 minutes to visit the optical illusion room;

  • the number of participants depends on your gift coupon.

Gift Virtual Reality and Optical Illusion Rooms will provide you with fun and exciting time and leave a lasting impression for a long time!