Recreational vehicles

Recreational vehicles are always a great idea! Gift Vouchers allow you to choose from a variety of vehicles, including an open-top bus tour, vintage motorbike, formula car, romantic limousine, iconic London taxi, sports car or even extreme excavator driving. Give the gift of a memorable experience with recreational vehicles!
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Riding an amusement car is always a good idea. You can choose from a wide variety of vehicles: an open-top bus tour, a vintage motorbike, a Formula One car, a romantic limousine, a legendary London taxi, a sports car or you can even drive an excavator in an extreme manner!

Main features:

  • the activity lasts from 5 minutes up to 72 hours;

  • no requirements for clothing, but it is recommended to choose comfortable clothes that do not restrict movements;

  • Gift coupon for Amusement cars is valid for 12 months;

  • pre-registration is required;

  • depending on the offer, you must have a Category B license or 2 years of driving experience. Some require the driver to be over 21;

  • Gift of Amusement cars is often accompanied by instructions.