• Price
  • from 20 to 50 (2)
  • Number of persons
  • 1 (2)
  • Country
  • Lithuania (2)
  • Region in Lithuania
  • Panevezys (1)
  • Klaipeda (1)
  • City in Lithuania
  • Birzai (1)
  • Kretinga (1)

An adrenaline rush, joyful heart, and flight with the wind… Enjoy unforgettable experiences by seeing the passing land!

Gliding flights is an entertainment where you ascend to a height of 300 meters in assistance of the experienced gliding instructors. During the flight, you will experience the weightlessness moment of a sudden upward ascension overload and unhooking of the rope! With the supervision of an instructor, you will even be able to pilot a glider!

Main features:

  • Gift Coupon Gliding flights is valid for twelve months;

  • Gift Gliding flights is for one person;

  • there are no requirements for clothing, but it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear;

  • depending on the offer, it is available from April to October or from May to October;

  • the flight duration is between seven and fifteen minutes; the flight is conducted by a professional pilot;

  • any participants under the age of 14 must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians;

  • pre-booking is required.