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Laivas Vytenis

Laivas Vytenis
Total 2 products
  • 20,00 €
    Galioja 12 mėn.

    Those who wish to escape from the everyday noise - we invite you to sail with our tourist vessel "Vytenis". Explore the fascinating Nemunas meanders, Verknės cliffs and of course the beautiful coastal views. The vessel has closed and open decks, so you'll be able to enjoy the surrounding nature without any frustration.

    20,00 €

    Sonata Birstonas person time 1 hour
    Galioja 12 mėn.
  • 35,00 €
    Galioja 12 mėn.

    We invite you to sail with us trough the beautiful city of Birštonas. Admire the spectacular views from Nemunas river crossings. You'll have an opportunity to see the amazing landscapes, the "Verknė" cliffs and the wild flora and fauna of our coastal nature. Run away from the everyday troubles and embark in the trip of your life! After sailing, you'll be...

    35,00 €

    Sonata Birstonas person time 60 minutes of sailing, 90...
    Galioja 12 mėn.

Did you miss nature? Are you tired from the busy life? Stop  and enjoy the natural values, one of the most beautiful Lithuanian corners- the Birštonas resort, the hotel – restaurant "Sonata".