Lietuvos Etnokosmologijos Muziejus

Lietuvos Etnokosmologijos Muziejus
  • 22,88 €

    LITHUANIAN ETHNOCOSMOLOGY MUSEUM shows 5 different night sky objects (the Moon, the planets, the stars in their pairs, the swarms, nebula of the galaxy). The guide aims the telescope, presents the observed objects. This is a unique observation, a real glimpse into the stars, helps to feel the vast distances of the Universe.

    22,88 €

    Lietuvos Etnokosmologijos Muziejus Moletai person time 1 hour 30 min.
  • 11,30 €

    During daytime excursions visitors start at the underground gallery and go up as if ascending the roots of the World Tree. Five halls contain different items that reflect humanity’s connection with the Cosmos (measurement equipment, calendars, astronomy, astronautics, search for extra-terrestrial life forms, future prospects for our civilization). The...

    11,30 €

    Lietuvos Etnokosmologijos Muziejus Moletai person time From 90 to 120 minutes.

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