Kart driving in the „SpeedWay“ kart track for 1 person

The offer includes :
  • 10 minutes of driving with a 13AG kart. This offer is for one people;

Important : Height restrictions: under 1.45 cm are not allowed to use this offer.

Data sheet
Address: „SpeedWay“, Strošiūnų k. 7A, Elektrėnų sav.
Duration: 10 min.
Persons: 1
Clothes: Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movements
Validation of coupon: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Season: All year
Country: Lithuania
City LT: Elektrenai
Preliminary registration required: Contact information is shown on the gift coupon.
Coupon language: Lithuanian
Nemokamas pristatymas ir įpakavimas
Pakeitimo ir pinigų grąžinimo garantija

15,00 €

Service supplier:
info@speedway.lt +37061822133